Hagrid – Pictures coming soon

Added: April 2017
Cats: Good with cats
Dogs: Unknown with other dogs
Children: Good with children

Mandy is a beautiful harlequin female with natural ears who will be 6 years old in July. Mandy spent her life on a farm, but is adjusting quite nicely to "city life" in her foster home. Mandy loves to go for rides and gets so excited when she hears keys rattle. She will even jump in the car if you leave a door or the hatch open. Mandy is a big girl at approximately 145 pounds and has the most beautiful blue eyes. She is affectionate, quiet and very neat and clean except when it comes to eating. I think more of the small kibble she came with ends up on the floor than in her mouth. Mandy is very smart and quite adaptable when it comes to some of the simple things in her new life like walking in and out of the front door. Mandy walks fairly well on a leash, but could use some practice in the "steering" department. Mandy has been friendly with everyone she's met, but seems more immediately at ease with women. She hasn't met any dogs up close and personal except for the neighbor's dog through the fence, but isn't phased by the ones she passes on her daily walks. Mandy immediately went to her crate as soon as she arrived and likes to hang out there even when the door is open. She is house trained and hasn't touched anything that's not hers when she has free roam of he house. Mandy has been a pleasure to foster. Mandy came to MAGDRL in April 2017. (2)