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Jaida is a Rescue In Need and is currently not available for adoption.

Update 4/28/19 - Jaida is growing quickly, and is surprising everyone with her recovery. Jaida loves meeting people and other dogs. Her physical therapy is going well and her veterinarians feel that she can, while in the house, go without the Medi Paw brace; however when she is around other dogs she needs it as the reminder that it gives her about where to place her seems to really help.

Update 3/23/19 - Jaida is doing very well in her foster home. She is playful, active and has a ravenous appetite. She is doing physical therapy both at home and the vet's office. Jaida continues to knuckle her hind right paw and now wears a Medi Paw boot to protect her foot. She is currently off medication, however, she is receiving glucosamine supplements. She no longer shows signs of pneumonia. We are optimistic that this has been resolved. Her right hind limb appears to be improving. She will need to continue rehabilitation and care to maximize function in this limb. When she is walking we need to help her to go slowly to be able to place her paw with every step. She will need to remain with the Medi Paw boot to prevent farther damage to her skin. We are beginning to socialize her with other dogs and people to prevent behavioral issues in the future.

Added 2/19 - Meet Jaida. She came to us in early February and has found herself hospitalized and fighting for her life. It is unclear what has happened to her, but it is clear that we have to help her. She is just 9 weeks old and currently in great distress due to multiple health issues. She has fought through fevers, pneumonia, and low blood count but an infection in her hip and leg could potentially cause her to lose that leg. She has been hospitalized in the ICU on IV antibiotics and oxygen for several days now, and the vet staff have been working tirelessly to resolve all her health concerns. She had one surgery to drain the abscess and infection in her leg, she may need more. Progress has been slow. Jaida is extremely adorable and even though she has had good days and not so great days; she has shown that she is a fighter. We are doing all that we can to provide her with the care that she needs. Jaida came to MAGDRL in February 2019. (2)