Roxy & Mia

Roxy & Mia have been Adopted!!!!

Roxy & Mia, both 3 year old black females with natural ears, came to rescue from a shelter. They are very dependent on each other and do not like to be more than a few feet from each others side! They are good with people but unknown with cats, other dogs and children. They were just starting to settle into their foster home when they got very sick. Both have been diagnosed with pneumonia and have now developed sepsis. They were both rushed to the emergency vet, and have been there for several days on oxygen. They are currently not eating or drinking. These beautiful girls need all the prayers and well wishes they can get! Roxy is the worse of the two, and we are concerned about her prognosis. Roxy & Mia came to MAGDRL in August 2016. (2)

Update 8/27/16 – After 5 days in the emergency hospital, we are seeing improvements for both girls. Mia is getting well enough that she may be able to go home in a day or two. Roxy is lagging behind Mia in improvement, but she is getting a little better each day.

Update 9/4/16 – Mia was sprung from the emergency clinic on Tuesday after doing well on oral meds over the weekend but still needing oxygen up until Monday. She is eating well and the meds appear to be keeping her temperature in a good range. After returning to her foster home she made quick use of the space on the couch and is resting comfortable. Rest, food and some TLC will go along way. She has another visit to the vet next week to determine if the oral meds are enough and whether her lungs are clear enough to wean off them.

Roxy was not released from the emergency clinic until Thursday. The day she was supposed to go home her temperature spiked again and she needed to go back on her IV medication as the oral meds just were not cutting it. Roxy was sicker than her sister at the onset with sepsis in addition to her pneumonia. Things were slow going with this girl due to her extreme reliance on her sister and now their separation in addition to all the medical concerns. Roxy finally started to eat on Sunday (a little more than a week after her last meal). This was a great sign as she could then move over to oral medication. Sadly the oral meds just did not cut it and she ended up with a temperature of 105 on the day her and her sister were supposed to be leaving for their foster home. Sadly Roxy remained at the clinic without her sister for further 2 days. This did the trick and she was released on Thursday! Roxy has a visit back to the vet on the 11th for x-rays and an evaluation.

We are hopeful that these lovely ladies are on their way to recovery and continue to do well moving forward. It was a wonderful thing when they both reunited, ate their first meal together and spent the evening on the couch, just happy to be home.

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