Interested in adopting a Dane?

MAGDRL is dedicated to matching available danes with families who want to adopt. We take this responsibility very seriously, and follow a multistep process to help ensure that the right Dane meets the perfect family. Sorry, we rarely adopt to applicants who rent.

Requirements for adopting families

To adopt a dog, MAGDRL has a few simple requirements:
The Dane must be an inside dog and not spend a lot of time outside unsupervised. » read more
The family should have a fenced in yard. » read more
Electronic Fencing is not acceptable. » read more
All animals in the household should be spayed/neutered.
Can’t afford to spay/neuter? » Check out low/cost spay neuter program in PA and DE.
All animals in the household should see a vet once a year.
The family (plus any other dogs) must be willing to travel to meet the new Dane.
The family must be committed to the care and well-being of the dog.

MAGDRL’s adoption process

1.Please fill out the pre-application form below to request having an Adoption Coordinator contact you.

2. The coordinator will call you to talk to you about your expectations and how the adoption process works. We want homes that understand Danes and appreciate the Dane personality. It may be that, during the call, one or both of you decide that a Dane is not for you. In many cases, we find that you and a Dane would do well together and enjoy your life!

3. A volunteer will call you to arrange a home visit. We will check your vet and personal references. During the home visit, the volunteer is available to answer any questions you may have, possibly give you more information about any Danes in which you are interested, and talk to you about Dane-related issues and concerns.

4. If approved, you’ll be contacted by our Matchmaker. Check the adoptable Danes web page regularly to see who’s new. Keep in close contact with the Matchmaker while searching for your perfect Dane. We rely on you to search for a good match too!

We have an opposite sex adoption rule if you only have one other dog. If you have a female, we require you to adopt a male. Studies show that same sex aggression is a leading cause for rehoming a dog. If you have 2 or more dogs already, we’ll ask that you adopt the opposite of whichever dog is more likely to have issues with the new dog.

Why not consider an older Dane or even a special needs Dane? They can be the best of companions for families, first-time Dane owners and just about anyone who wants to adopt, Check our senior page to find out why an older Dane might be a great choice for you. Or, check our special needs page to open your heart to a Dane in need.

5. When you finally find the Dane of your dreams, you and your whole family, including kids and any current dogs (NO cats, though!) will be asked to drive to the foster home to meet the Dane and see whether you fit.

If you don’t mind driving to meet your perfect Dane, you will be able to look at Danes from every state, from NY to NC. The farther you are willing to travel, the more options are available to you. If you wish to look locally only, that’s fine too–just know that choices will be more limited.

Please remember that personality is much more important than a cute picture on the website. Check the write-ups for information about the Danes–look for compatibility with current animals and family situation as well as energy level.

Adoption fee

MAGDRL asks for a adoption fee at the time of adoption to cover any medical fees and costs to house the Dane. In return, we make sure the Dane is spayed or neutered, heartworm tested, up to date on vaccinations and given a clean bill of health (or disclose any known issues).On average, we spend $300 or more on a Dane in our program.

Not sure how that can be? Click here for typical cost breakdown and then scroll down that same page to checkout how much it costs (on average) for some issues that are common to Danes.

• Puppy to 6 years of age – $450
• over 6 years of age – $325


Adoption Pre Application

Adoption Pre Application


General Questions

Do you have a fenced in yard *
Do you have other pets *
Do you have children *

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