Cats: Not good with cats
Dogs: No small dogs
Children: Good with children 8+

WolfGang is a 5-year-old blue, neutered male Dane. He is a friendly dog that warms up quickly to meeting humans. He has also met several large dogs very well and very quickly. He does not like being alone much and is very vocal about it with barking and howls so it would be ideal if a potential adopter was home most of the time. He prefers humans over other dogs but will gladly play until he is exhausted. He plays hard and it would be best that he be placed with a large female because he can be pushy at time. He has shown some dominance behavior with the other dogs, but they seem to work it out. He loves being with humans and love back scratches and just being in your presence. He needs work with walking on the leash as he apparently has not had much practice with it. In time he will be a pro, he just needs more practice. He has a very strong prey drive so small dogs or cats are not recommended.

He has been eating 2 cups of kibble twice a day and it seems to be enough. He is not incredible treat motivated but loved being with his humans and is very attentive to them.

Wolfgang will make a nice dog to a potential family he just wants to be part of the family.

Wolfgang came to MAGDRL in April 2021 (2)



Cats: Not good with cats
Dogs: Good with large dogs
Children: 12+ years old

Rogue 3 1/2 year old black female with natural ears. She has been spayed and gastropexied. Rogue has come back to rescue through no fault of her own, as her family is splitting up and she had nowhere to go. She has lived with other dogs, so she could be placed with another dog, but it would need to be a large dog as she has a strong prey drive. If she is placed with a home with children, they would need to be older children. Due to her prey drive, living with cats would not be recommended. She takes a bit of time to warm up to strangers and even longer to men. She is highly food motivated and will learn your routine quickly with the help of tasty treats. Once she is comfortable with you, she loves coming to you to get rubs and scratches. Rogue is crate trained and walks nicely on the leash. Rogue does guard her food from other dogs so we would need an experienced Dane owner to take this sweet girl on. When she is given time, she is does not hesitate to show you what a great dog she is. One of her favorite things to do is to play fetch so if you want an active dog to be active with, she is your girl! Rogue came to MAGDRL in December 2019. (2)

Giving Assistant

We  have a new fundraiser, called GIVING ASSISTANT.

This is similar to Amazon Smile and IGive, however, there are over 1900 stores to chose.  Very simply, click on the link below,  sign up and then to go Settings and click on MAGDRL as your charity and you can choose how much you would like to donate.

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The way this works is you click on the store you wish to shop and there is a coupon code and from that coupon you decide how much you would like to donate to MAGDRL.  For example, if you choose Macy’s and they have a 5% off coupon, you can decide how much of the 5% you wish to give back, either 1% or the entire 5%.

Giving Assistant – Save money, support charity, shop responsibly