Available Danes

Adoptable Danes

  • Theo

    Theo Theo is an approximately 1 year old white male with natural ears who is both deaf and blind, though we believe he sees some shadows, who came to rescue after being abandoned at a kennel. Theo is a sweetheart that loves to play and he loves toys! We are currently working on basic commands […]

  • Rabbit

    Rabbit has a heart of gold Update: Jan 2016 Rabbit has been in a foster home for about 5 months, and house living suits her just fine! Some of Rabbit’s favorite comforts in life are curling up on the couch, running for an ice cube when she hears the ice dispenser, spending hours stretched out […]

Courtesy Listing

  • Roxie

    Roxie is a 2 year old female Dane/Dobie mix who does great with her brother but NOT ANY other dogs.  She is great with people and kids over 13 years of age, but will not do well with cats.  Roxie is not destructive and has done well when left home alone with her brother. Roxie […]