Cats: Not good with cats
Dogs: No small dogs
Children: Good with children 8+

WolfGang is a 5-year-old blue, neutered male Dane. He is a friendly dog that warms up quickly to meeting humans. He has also met several large dogs very well and very quickly. He does not like being alone much and is very vocal about it with barking and howls so it would be ideal if a potential adopter was home most of the time. He prefers humans over other dogs but will gladly play until he is exhausted. He plays hard and it would be best that he be placed with a large female because he can be pushy at time. He has shown some dominance behavior with the other dogs, but they seem to work it out. He loves being with humans and love back scratches and just being in your presence. He needs work with walking on the leash as he apparently has not had much practice with it. In time he will be a pro, he just needs more practice. He has a very strong prey drive so small dogs or cats are not recommended.

He has been eating 2 cups of kibble twice a day and it seems to be enough. He is not incredible treat motivated but loved being with his humans and is very attentive to them.

Wolfgang will make a nice dog to a potential family he just wants to be part of the family.

Wolfgang came to MAGDRL in April 2021 (2)



Cats: No
Dogs: Male dogs only
Children: No children

Vixen is a 6 ½ year old spayed black female with natural ears who came back into rescue through no fault of her own. She is currently in a foster home with no children or pets and is adjusting well. Vixen is a generally quiet and clean girl who loves her stuffies and fleece blankets. She is initially standoffish with people especial men. She has growled at a few men in and outside her previous home on occasion, but nothing aggressive. She travels very well and walks nicely on leash. She is a “beefy” girl who loves her food and treats. She is quite the talker, whiner, and a groaner especially when she thinks it is time to eat. She is pacing a lot but we expect that is just part of her transition process. Vixen is house trained and can be trusted with free run of the house when the foster parent is out.

In her original home, Vixen lives with other Danes and her best buddy was a male. She had some exposure to barn cats there, but we are not sure if any of it was up close and personal. She was attacked by one of the female dogs in the house and since then has been female selective, so she would do best in a home with only male dogs.

In her second home, she lived with teenage boys and guinea pigs. She was initially curios about the guinea pigs, but then just ignored them. She seems to have a high prey drive as she aggressively chases squirrels and neighbor’s cats when they are in her yard. Thus, she will not be placed with cats or small animals. Vixen is seeking a new permanent home that will help her feel secure and get back her girlish figure.

Vixen came back to MAGDRL in January 2021 (2).



Cats: Good with cats
Dogs: Good with dogs
Children: Good with children

George is a 6 ½ year old neutered fawn male with natural ears who came into rescue due to a divorce. He recently suffered some very traumatic events including a near-death experience shortly there after lost his older female Dane sister with whom he was very attached. Despite all of this, he is adjusting very well in his current foster home where he lives with a 5-year-old spayed female Dane and 5-year-old neutered Pitbull and proving to be a perfect gentleman.

George is affectionate and playful, but also quiet and keeps to himself right now. He travels very well and walks very well on leash. George is housebroken and can be trusted to roam freely while the foster is out.

George is good with children and other dogs. His only exposure to cats that we are aware of was in the home where he stayed a few days prior to coming in to rescue. The two older cats and George just looked at each other and the cats walked away.

George came into MAGDRL in January 2021 (2).


Cats: Unknown with cats
Dogs: Female dogs
Children: Good with children 9+

Update 11/20 - Sarge is a year and half old male Great Dane. He is about 33 inches at the shoulder and came to MAGDRL a bit under his ideal weight. He lived with another male Great Dane and a 4 month old female pit bull pup. He and the other unaltered male were having disagreements from time to time so it would be best that he is placed with a laid-back female which we would routinely recommend anyway. He has not had any direct interaction with cats so he would be an unknown with them. He has lived with children between the ages of 9 and 18 and maybe a few days with a newborn. He has met women, men, and children with no issues. He did need some work on his manners as he tends to jump up when he gets excited, but his foster home is doing great work with him concerning this. He has had run of the house in the past, but he is being create trained at the present and he is taking to it well.

Sarge walks pretty well on the leash, but he does have some what of a prey drive so the foster is working on this as well. He is very food motivated which helps to redirect his focus. He is very active and loves to play and learn new things. Sarge is getting along well with his foster brother who is a senior and not quite as playful as he is. He is quite athletic and has jumped over fences in the past to go exploring so he will need a minimum of a 5 ft fence to be places.

Sarge has been given more structure that he had before he came to us and he is doing quite well with it so we would love for him to have an experienced leader to be able to give him the structure that he needs to be the best that he can be. Again, he is extremely food motivated so that will be very helpful to correct this behavior. Sarge is a super nice boy with a ton of potential to be a shining start in the lives of the perfect family.

Sarge came to MAGDRL in December 2020 (2)




Cats: Unknown with cats
Dogs: Lived with several but unknown with new dogs
Children: Good with children

Update 11/20 - Boris is a 2.5-year-old Fawnequin Great Dane with natural ears who was surrendered, along with his brother Sarge, after several major family events left insufficient time to care for the boys. Boris is on the verge of being an adult, but still displays some puppy-like behavior. He can be very affectionate and just wants to be with his people to whom he looks for guidance and confidence. He can then be very playful, mischievous, ornery, and at times defiant. Boris likes to go for rides and travels very well. He is reasonably easy to walk on leash, but could use some practice in the pulling and steering departments. Boris is reactive only to certain dogs during his walks.

Boris is currently living in a foster home with no pets or children. However, he previously lived with children between the ages of 9-18 years old, a newborn baby, a 15-month-old male Great Dane, and a 4-month-old female Pit-Bull. He is barky and playful with the small dog next door. They can only partially see each other through the stockade fence and like to run up and down the fence line together. Boris did not get along with the other male Dane in his previous home and will not be placed in a home with male dogs.

Boris likes to look out the front window of the house and is VERY reactive to dogs he sees walking past. He will continue to bark/grumble until they are out of his sight. He reacts to certain people walking by and is not a big fan of the mail/package delivery people. Boris also has a thing about the front door. He is reactive when someone is at the door, but is all over them with leans and for affection once they are inside. He also reacts when they are leaving. If a visitor walks out and comes right back in, the front door routine starts all over as if the person was never there in the first place. The foster is working on making him sit and wait for visitors to enter.

Boris is reportedly crate trained, but drooled excessively the few times he was crated when left alone. He will occasionally go into the crate on his own to chill in his man cave/safe place. Boris is house trained and been given free roam of the house. When the foster occasionally must work long hours in the office and no one is available to let him during the day, Boris will relieve himself on the concrete floor in the corner of the basement. Otherwise, he lets you know when he needs to go out.

Although Boris probably never missed a meal in his life, he is a counter surfer, trash picker, beggar, and general chow hound. He can open drawers and his newest trick is opening the refrigerator and freezer doors to help himself to the buffet. Boris is a tall boy, so temptations are placed out of his reach on top of the fridge. He will sit, give paw, and stay until you give him the “good boy” signal to go eat. He also automatically sits and gives paw for treats.

Boris loves to run in the backyard with his ball in his mouth, plays tug of war, and wants you to chase him - or at least pretend to. He will also take off with the zoomies without warning. He currently sleeps on numerous dog beds around the house, but will get on the furniture, if permitted.

Boris can sometimes be skittish, protective, and fearful - especially where the foster's fiancé' is concerned. They are working with Boris and making some progress, but still trying to figure out the trigger since he doesn’t react this way to others - regardless of gender.

Boris is very smart and knows other commands such as down and wait. As mentioned, he is VERY food motivated and loves to eat, but have that drool towel ready after he eats or drinks. Boris is in great physical shape at approximately 34" tall and 140 pounds and has a very nice coat. If you're searching for a Velcro Dane full of leans that could use a little refinement, then Boris may be the one for you.

Boris came to MAGDRL in November 2020 (2)



Titan – Adoption Pending

Cats: Unknown with cats
Dogs: Unknown with other dogs
Children: Unknown with children

Update 1/19/20 - Titan has bonded and meets people well. He loves getting back rubs and scratches and is super food motivated so getting his attention can be very easy. He could stand to put on a few pounds. He has improved walking on the leash and enjoys exploring new places. It seems that he hasn’t been exposed to a lot so many ordinary things to us may be new to him. A quieter home with not much going on may be more comfortable for him to get adjusted. He gets along with other dogs as he came to use with Dutchess which we would love to place with him, but it is not a deal breaker if that is not possible. Titan gets on with other dogs, but they need to be introduced to him slowly because in your face exuberant meetings tend to make him nervous. He is your typical Velcro dog who wants to be by your side when he bonds with you. He doesn’t shy away from connecting with humans and would be a great addition to the right home.

Added 2019: Titan is a 2 year old male Dane who came back to MAGDRL from a sad circumstance. He and his "sister" Dutchess were adopted through MAGDRL and were recently returned to MAGDRL because their owner passed away. He was a bit stressed initially when he came to MAGDRL however with time to decompress we are seeing the nice dog that he actually is. Titan is friendly however a little unsure and is sure to become a Velcro Dane to the lucky new owner. He would do fine placed as an only dog but seems to get confidence from another dog. He is a stunning harlequin with one brown and one blue eye. He needs to put on a few pounds as he is a bit under weight. Titan needs more practice walking on leash however he gets better the more he walks. He is very curious and alert to his surroundings and can startle with sudden movements but does not seem to be bothered by normal environment sounds like cars and lawnmowers. He is food motivated which will make training easier. He lived with another dog and does not react to other dogs around him as he seems to want to avoid any conflict. We will introduce him soon to other dogs as well. We do not know if he gets along with cats at this point. He loves being rubbed and petted and seeks human contact often. Titan will be a wonderful addition to a family that has time to dedicate to spending time with him. (2)


Cats: Unknown with cats
Dogs: Good with other dogs
Children: Good with children

Adoption Pending

Stella is a 3 year old black female with natural ears who loves to play and has energy to spare. She is friendly and meets people well. She is excitable and tends to want to jump to greet any new friends, however, we have been working on this. She will take a little time to bond with her human and until then she sometimes choose to keep her space (this seems to make her more comfortable at times); then other times when she is ready she will enjoy back scratches and belly rubs. We recently discovered that Stella loves to fetch, especially squeaky toys and she will do so until she is exhausted. She is on the thin side and could use a few more pounds. However, she is a good eater and certainly food motivated which makes her training easier. Stella is crate and house trained. She has not had contact with cats however, she has met a dog or two and shown no aggression. Her social skills need a little work as she is very playful and exuberant and sometimes misses other dog's cues when they have had enough play. She has lived with kids off all ages, the youngest being 6 months. She is getting better walking on leash as she has not had much experience with experiencing and exploring new places. Sometimes she is unsure when exploring new places and tend to pull when she is excited or nervous. Stella is a nice dog and with proper supervision she could thrive in many situations. Stella came to MAGDRL in October 2019. (2)


Cats: Not good with cats
Dogs: Good with large dogs
Children: 12+ years old

Rogue 3 1/2 year old black female with natural ears. She has been spayed and gastropexied. Rogue has come back to rescue through no fault of her own, as her family is splitting up and she had nowhere to go. She has lived with other dogs, so she could be placed with another dog, but it would need to be a large dog as she has a strong prey drive. If she is placed with a home with children, they would need to be older children. Due to her prey drive, living with cats would not be recommended. She takes a bit of time to warm up to strangers and even longer to men. She is highly food motivated and will learn your routine quickly with the help of tasty treats. Once she is comfortable with you, she loves coming to you to get rubs and scratches. Rogue is crate trained and walks nicely on the leash. Rogue does guard her food from other dogs so we would need an experienced Dane owner to take this sweet girl on. When she is given time, she is does not hesitate to show you what a great dog she is. One of her favorite things to do is to play fetch so if you want an active dog to be active with, she is your girl! Rogue came to MAGDRL in December 2019. (2)


Cats: Unknown with cats
Dogs: Good with calm dogs only
Children: Not good with children

Adoption Pending

Update 11/2/19 - Lincoln has had a birthday and is now 5 years of age. We have been learning a lot about this boy. He is not able to be in very active situation that is unfamiliar. He doesn't walk well on leash in these situations he has a flight mentality and will try and run. He is also very mouthy and will try to dominate you. Due to this behavior we feel that he cannot be placed in a home with children. Lincoln loves his people, the car and submissive dogs. However, he doesn't know how to interact with other dogs that startle him. Lincoln will require a quiet home with little activity, who understands the breed and will be willing to take the time to work with him.

Update 6/23/19 - Lincoln is settling in nicely with his foster family. He is getting used to noises of the world that were once frightening. He loves car rides our foster family learned they can’t leave the car door open as he will climb right in. Lincoln has not been used to playing with toys so this has been fun to watch as he tries to figure out what they are. He has also shown his talkative side when you are running together. This boy is a diamond in the rough - if anyone is looking for a meet and greet this boy is for you.

Added June 2019: Lincoln is 4 year old brindle male with natural ears who weighs about 145 pounds. He is a bit thin, and could afford to put a bit more weight on. Lincoln is good with other dogs, but selective with cats. In his previous home he lived with 2 cats and got along well with one but chased the other. He lived with children ages 4-13. They said he was good with other dogs and we have only confirmed this with one meet with a balanced female, who he did meet nicely. Lincoln is nervous with new noises and new environments, but seems to meet humans without issue. He seemed a bit stressed when he came to us but is settling down quite nicely. He is becoming a little pushy but responds to correction. He is very treat motivated but we are treating him sparingly at this point to make sure his stomach can handle them. He has done well with them so far. Gradually Lincoln is gaining more confidence and getting used to the typical sounds of the out of doors. He startles fairly easily, but as time goes on, he is becoming less skittish. He came from a home with a lot going on in close quarters and perhaps he became a bit stressed there. We believe he may thrive in an environment with medium to low activity, lots of structure and comforting when he gets stressed. He is becoming a really nice dog. Lincoln came to MAGDRL in June 2019. (2)


Cats: Unknown with cats
Dogs: Good with other dogs
Children: 8+ years old

Update 2/6/20 -

Handsome Harley is quite the stunner and a big boy.  He is about 36" at the shoulder and weighs about 135-140 pounds.  He has wonderful manners, does not get on furniture and never pulls during his walks. He has never had an 'accident' in the house. He responds extremely well to verbal commands. Although he often looks serious he does have a playful side. He loves chasing his Jolly ball in the yard and sometimes gets a case of the 'zoomies'. He can be very expressive and will make you laugh with some of the faces he makes. 
Harley has graduated from two levels of group obedience class. Being with the other dogs in a class has not been an issue. When he came to us he was petrified of everything. He has really made great strides and has become more social. Hearing loud noises does not immobilize him any longer.  He has really blossomed in his foster home from the fearful dog he once was. Like many Danes he just loves being with his people. Sometimes though, he will go off to a quiet place by himself for a nap. He will let you bathe him, Dremel his nails and perform other grooming on him.  Harley needs an owner who understands the signals he gives, who can give him the confidence and direction he needs and who will provide a calm home with structure. 
He's a big, loving guy.

Update 1/19/20 - As stated in earlier updates Harley is making phenomenal progress. He made it through the holidays without incident, meeting new people, the hustle and bustle of Christmas dinner gatherings, the addition of decorations in the house and gifts under the tree. Harley had an enjoyable time. It was mentioned by a friend of the foster mom and dad, “this is a completely different dog from the one you brought home originally”. Harley completed level 2 obedience training in December and awaits the start of his level 3 obedience challenge, which we’re sure he will master without a problem. He has adjusted very well to his daily routine and gets along with his foster sister. He is especially happy when out back chasing his “Jolly Ball”, he also likes lying around the house doing nothing!!

Because Harley was making such positive progress, his foster parents rescued a male Dane puppy in November, which was quite a surprise to Harley. We can’t say he was happy about the new guy, as stated in earlier updates he gets anxious with high energy situations. Fortunately, there has not been any shows of aggression from Harley however, he will bark to show his displeasure when the puppy acts excited (which if you ever had a puppy you know that’s often). The puppy is secluded in the family room and kitchen area and Harley has the rest of the house to enjoy. To date we are happy to report they get along well without incident but are still separated by a baby gate. Harley is not as anxious when the puppy gets excited, we believe he is getting used to the puppy being in the home. This just further suggests Harley will exist with another dog positively provided there is a slow introduction and patience during the process. It was suggested earlier that Harley be in a home as the only dog, because of his progress we now feel he will also be able to live with a well-mannered, calm dog after proper introductions. Harley is a diamond in the rough and well worth considering. He came to MAGDRL without proper training or socialization and has since become a well-mannered, obedient and more confident Dane.

Update 11/23/19 - We continue to marvel at Harley’s progress! He has settled nicely into the routine at his foster home and is quite the calm dog. He is such a sweet guy. Originally it was recommended he be the only dog in the home but with the progress he’s made in his foster home, it’s apparent he can get along with another dog provided there is a slow introduction period in a calm setting. He likes napping in the sun as well as his playtime in the yard, chasing his Jolly Ball (see attached video). He walks perfectly on leash while on his daily walk. If he encounters an out of control dog on a walk and starts looking, a firm, “leave it” makes him turn away. He is doing great in his level 2 obedience class and is good in the car on the way to class. He is well-mannered and does not get on furniture uninvited, but will he will sit on your lap if you allow it. He shows interest in food if on the counter but has not helped himself to anything. Again, a firm “leave it” command, will make him back away. He’s a sweet, fun-loving gentle giant who can’t wait to meet his new family!

Update 11/2/19 - Harley is becoming a very happy and playful guy. His facial expressions will make you smile. Everyone remarks on what a handsome boy he is. Harley is making great progress in his foster home, and his showing his true personality and playful side. Harley is quite the vocal Dane, he will talk to you when he needs to go out, for play and when he feels it's time to eat. He is learning manners and has been getting along very well with the female Rottie in the foster home. He is responding well to commands and shows no issues with the other dogs. He just really want to please his people. When he first arrived his tail was constantly between his legs and now it is wagging joyfully. Harley is at his best when he is out playing with is Jolly Ball in the backyard, he loves running with that giant ball in his mouth and will bring it to you so you can throw it for him. He has such a great time zooming around! Harley is still a pleasure to walk in the neighborhood and has had no incidents with other dogs he sees while walking. He is by your side and listens to commands while heeling. He loves to get out for the walks! Harley has made great strides and responds really well to verbal commands. He "waits" for his dinner, and by the doorway and on the stairs. He "sits" and lays "down" on command. He is a fast learner. He enjoys the routine in the foster home and thrives on a schedule. He really is a sweet boy and will be a great addition to a quieter home where he can ALL the attention he deserves!

Update 10/26/19 - We are so proud of Harleys progress!! He recently graduated Level One Obedience Training (see attached photo). While the other dogs were reactive at times Harley remained calm and attentive to his handler. He has mastered the following commands; watch handler, sit, wait (at the door & for food), down, come and leave it, to name a few. Harley is a calm dog that just wants to be with and to please his people. He is developing into a confident dog when meeting new people or placed in different surroundings. When meeting new people he will initially be extremely close to his people, however, it is taking him less time to get comfortable. It is still recommended that Harley be the only dog in the house. He is more tolerant then when he first came to the rescue, however, starting in a new home it may take some time for him to trust his new family. Once he gains that trust it will be well worth the wait.

Added 06/2019

Harley is a handsome 5 year old blue male with natural ears. He is healthy, neutered, playful and housebroken (he’s quite vocal when asked if he needs to go “out”). Harley came to rescue when his owner could no longer control him. He lived with two older dogs and was showing dominance toward them. His owner worked long hours and felt it would be better if he was adopted by a family that could spend the proper amount of time with him. When Harley arrived at his foster home, he was on puppy Prozac. The first weekend he was greeted with thunderstorms and fireworks and he was extremely nervous and restless. Once Harley was comfortable with his new surroundings, we conferred with a Veterinarian and Harley was weaned off the Prozac. It was then we saw his true personality emerge. Harley has since become a calm Dane wanting to be with his foster family, he is learning the rules, boundaries and limitations that were missing in his previous home. He loves to play in the backyard with his Jolly Ball. Although improving, Harley has shown some possessive traits which necessitated the occasional use of a soft muzzle when around his foster sister, mostly showing slight possessive tendencies when food is involved. Harley has made major progress however, it is recommended he be adopted into a home where he is the only dog. Harley walks extremely well on a leash and displays no aggression towards other dogs while on his walk. He has visited Lowe's where he was greeted by shoppers (adults and children), lumber carts, shopping carts and a forklift. He was calm throughout the adventure at first hiding his tail but overall it was a very positive visit. Harley is currently in a Level One Basic Obedience class where he is doing very well. Harley learns very quickly and wants to please his people, he will “sit” and “wait” for his dinner while “looking” at you before being “released” to eat. He will sit calmly while his nails are trammeled. When left alone he is in a separate room without incident and greets his people with his favorite toy. Harley will do best in a home with a strong owner(s) who will continue training him and enforcing good canine manners. Harley is a Great Dane worth looking at if you want a dog that will shower you with unconditional love for giving him his forever home. Harley came to MAGDRL in June 2019. (2)