Available Danes

Adoptable Danes

  • Patches

    Cats: Good with cats Dogs: Good with other dogs Children: Good with children Patches is currently on medical hold and not available for adoption. Patches is a 4 year petite merle with natural ears who came into rescue via a shelter because her owner has health issues. She is a true Velcro Dane – loves to be with her humans. She is good in the car. Patches loves long walks however she pulls and needs to be reminded to heel. Her only real flaw is she is a gate opener so you will need to make sure your gate is locked. Patches gets Read More and see additional photos

  • Cleo

    Cats: Good with catsDogs: Good with other dogsChildren: 6+ years old Cleo is a 14 month old black female with natural ears who came to us from a private rescuer.  Unfortunately Cleo is heartworm positive, so she will not be available for adoption for a minimum of 2-3 months. Cleo is good with cats and has lived with other dogs and birds and is great with both. She has also lived with children 6 years old and older. She is a sweet girl who loves any people she meets, loves to lean on people, and loves to snuggle. She has very little in Read More and see additional photos

  • Bella

    Cats: Not good with catsDogs: Good with large dogs with slow introductionsChildren: Not good with childrenBella is a sweet 19 month old harlequin female with natural ears. She is a very energetic puppy who will require guidance, routine and reinforcement. Bella responds very well to redirection and is somewhat treat motivated. The combination of clear and consistent direction along with a predictable routine has put her at ease. She meets strangers with wags of her tail. Bella does react to high energy dogs so you have to be careful and slow when introducing her to other dogs. Bella has a high prey drive Read More and see additional photos

  • Sophie

    Cats: Good with cats Dogs: Not good with other dogs Children: Unknown with children Sophie is an appriximately 4 year old female fawn with natural ears who is an absolute sweetheart. She came into rescue due to not getting along with the dog she lived with. Although we feel she was not the aggressor in the situation, she would do best as an only dog. Sophie can be around other dogs but she should not live with other dogs. She is a very velcro dog and wants all the attention to herself! She loves lounging around the house with her family and is Read More and see additional photos

  • Rabbit

    Rabbit has a heart of gold Update: Jan 2016 Rabbit has been in a foster home for about 5 months, and house living suits her just fine! Some of Rabbit’s favorite comforts in life are curling up on the couch, running for an ice cube when she hears the ice dispenser, spending hours stretched out in the sun, dragging her blanket around with her, and playing with 1 (or 3) of her squeak toys. She will still have the occasional housebreaking accident, but those are few and far between. Obedience training is easy with Rabbit. She is motivated by food Read More and see additional photos