Cats: Not good with cats
Dogs: Good with large dogs with slow introductions
Children: Not good with children

Bella is a sweet 19 month old harlequin female with natural ears. She is a very energetic puppy who will require guidance, routine and reinforcement. Bella responds very well to redirection and is somewhat treat motivated. The combination of clear and consistent direction along with a predictable routine has put her at ease. She meets strangers with wags of her tail. Bella does react to high energy dogs so you have to be careful and slow when introducing her to other dogs. Bella has a high prey drive and has been overly excited by fast moving things including children. She is excitable and exuberant and sometimes growls and lunges when excited to meet other dogs. Her behavior can be misinterpreted by humans and other dogs. Bella doesn't like being along for too long and will bark in protest. She has made a lot of progress walking on leash. She loves to play fetch and knows basic commands; sit, stay, walk, down, and paw. She will come when called but not consistently. There will be a training contract attached to her adoption. Bella came to MAGDRL in August 2017. (2)

Update 10/6/17 - Bella has been doing well in her foster home. She is affectionate and seems to prefer humans over other dogs. Bella has demonstrated a pretty high prey drive and impulsively will chase anything that moves quickly. We have lots of deer and squirrels and chipmunks around and she becomes hyper focused on them. She is very puppy like, playful and impulsive... did I mention that she is impulsive? The good news is that she responds well to correction and redirection. A quiet, calm environment will not much going on would be best for Bella. She is comforted very much by her routine. She continues to walk nice on the leash. With new people and other dogs, Bella does best with slow and proper introductions. Bella can be selective with other dogs, but with the right one it looks like she will get along. It has to be a calm and stable dog. She reacts to humans who give prolonged eye contact and who are nervous around her, and she gives the same reaction with other dogs. She is playful and doesn't generally go looking for trouble but tends to not back down if another dog comes at her.