Cats: Unknown with cats
Dogs: Lived with several but unknown with new dogs
Children: Good with children

Update 11/20 - Boris is a 2.5-year-old Fawnequin Great Dane with natural ears who was surrendered, along with his brother Sarge, after several major family events left insufficient time to care for the boys. Boris is on the verge of being an adult, but still displays some puppy-like behavior. He can be very affectionate and just wants to be with his people to whom he looks for guidance and confidence. He can then be very playful, mischievous, ornery, and at times defiant. Boris likes to go for rides and travels very well. He is reasonably easy to walk on leash, but could use some practice in the pulling and steering departments. Boris is reactive only to certain dogs during his walks.

Boris is currently living in a foster home with no pets or children. However, he previously lived with children between the ages of 9-18 years old, a newborn baby, a 15-month-old male Great Dane, and a 4-month-old female Pit-Bull. He is barky and playful with the small dog next door. They can only partially see each other through the stockade fence and like to run up and down the fence line together. Boris did not get along with the other male Dane in his previous home and will not be placed in a home with male dogs.

Boris likes to look out the front window of the house and is VERY reactive to dogs he sees walking past. He will continue to bark/grumble until they are out of his sight. He reacts to certain people walking by and is not a big fan of the mail/package delivery people. Boris also has a thing about the front door. He is reactive when someone is at the door, but is all over them with leans and for affection once they are inside. He also reacts when they are leaving. If a visitor walks out and comes right back in, the front door routine starts all over as if the person was never there in the first place. The foster is working on making him sit and wait for visitors to enter.

Boris is reportedly crate trained, but drooled excessively the few times he was crated when left alone. He will occasionally go into the crate on his own to chill in his man cave/safe place. Boris is house trained and been given free roam of the house. When the foster occasionally must work long hours in the office and no one is available to let him during the day, Boris will relieve himself on the concrete floor in the corner of the basement. Otherwise, he lets you know when he needs to go out.

Although Boris probably never missed a meal in his life, he is a counter surfer, trash picker, beggar, and general chow hound. He can open drawers and his newest trick is opening the refrigerator and freezer doors to help himself to the buffet. Boris is a tall boy, so temptations are placed out of his reach on top of the fridge. He will sit, give paw, and stay until you give him the “good boy” signal to go eat. He also automatically sits and gives paw for treats.

Boris loves to run in the backyard with his ball in his mouth, plays tug of war, and wants you to chase him - or at least pretend to. He will also take off with the zoomies without warning. He currently sleeps on numerous dog beds around the house, but will get on the furniture, if permitted.

Boris can sometimes be skittish, protective, and fearful - especially where the foster's fiancé' is concerned. They are working with Boris and making some progress, but still trying to figure out the trigger since he doesn’t react this way to others - regardless of gender.

Boris is very smart and knows other commands such as down and wait. As mentioned, he is VERY food motivated and loves to eat, but have that drool towel ready after he eats or drinks. Boris is in great physical shape at approximately 34" tall and 140 pounds and has a very nice coat. If you're searching for a Velcro Dane full of leans that could use a little refinement, then Boris may be the one for you.

Boris came to MAGDRL in November 2020 (2)