Cats: Unknown with cats Dogs: Female dogs Children: Good with children 9+ Update 11/20 – Sarge is a year and half old male Great Dane. He is about 33 inches at the shoulder and came to MAGDRL a bit under his ideal weight. He lived with another male Great Dane and a 4 month old female pit bull pup. He and the other unaltered male were having disagreements from time to time so it would be best that he is placed with a laid-back female which we would routinely recommend anyway. He has not had any direct interaction with cats so Read More


Cats: Unknown with cats Dogs: Lived with several but unknown with new dogs Children: Good with children Update 11/20 – Boris is a 2.5-year-old Fawnequin Great Dane with natural ears who was surrendered, along with his brother Sarge, after several major family events left insufficient time to care for the boys. Boris is on the verge of being an adult, but still displays some puppy-like behavior. He can be very affectionate and just wants to be with his people to whom he looks for guidance and confidence. He can then be very playful, mischievous, ornery, and at times defiant. Boris likes Read More


Cats: Not good with cats Dogs: Good with large dogs Children: 12+ years old Rogue 3 1/2 year old black female with natural ears. She has been spayed and gastropexied. Rogue has come back to rescue through no fault of her own, as her family is splitting up and she had nowhere to go. She has lived with other dogs, so she could be placed with another dog, but it would need to be a large dog as she has a strong prey drive. If she is placed with a home with children, they would need to be older children. Due to her Read More