Titan – Adoption Pending

Cats: Unknown with cats Dogs: Unknown with other dogs Children: Unknown with children Update 1/19/20 – Titan has bonded and meets people well. He loves getting back rubs and scratches and is super food motivated so getting his attention can be very easy. He could stand to put on a few pounds. He has improved walking on the leash and enjoys exploring new places. It seems that he hasn’t been exposed to a lot so many ordinary things to us may be new to him. A quieter home with not much going on may be more comfortable for him to get adjusted. He gets Read More


Cats: Unknown with cats Dogs: Good with other dogs Children: Good with children Adoption Pending Stella is a 3 year old black female with natural ears who loves to play and has energy to spare. She is friendly and meets people well. She is excitable and tends to want to jump to greet any new friends, however, we have been working on this. She will take a little time to bond with her human and until then she sometimes choose to keep her space (this seems to make her more comfortable at times); then other times when she is ready she will enjoy Read More


Cats: Unknown with cats Dogs: Good with calm dogs only Children: Not good with children Adoption Pending Update 11/2/19 – Lincoln has had a birthday and is now 5 years of age. We have been learning a lot about this boy. He is not able to be in very active situation that is unfamiliar. He doesn’t walk well on leash in these situations he has a flight mentality and will try and run. He is also very mouthy and will try to dominate you. Due to this behavior we feel that he cannot be placed in a home with children. Lincoln loves his people, Read More


Cats: Unknown with cats Dogs: Good with other dogs Children: 8+ years old Update 2/6/20 – Handsome Harley is quite the stunner and a big boy.  He is about 36″ at the shoulder and weighs about 135-140 pounds.  He has wonderful manners, does not get on furniture and never pulls during his walks. He has never had an ‘accident’ in the house. He responds extremely well to verbal commands. Although he often looks serious he does have a playful side. He loves chasing his Jolly ball in the yard and sometimes gets a case of the ‘zoomies’. He can be very expressive and Read More


Cats: Unknown with cats Dogs: Good with other dogs Children: Unknown with children Update 11/24/19 Gia is coming out of her shell. She loves the ladies and wants to sit on your lap for attention. Don’t let her age fool you, she can keep up with the best of them. However, when she is finished she walks away and awaits to return to her shelter. She has such a calm demeanor. We would love to see her get her forever home. Update 1/19/20 Gia has made tremendous gains since she has been with us. When she came to us, she had a seizure Read More


Cats: Unknown with cats Dogs: Unknown with other dogs Children: Unknown with children Update 7/20/20 – Dutchess continues to be a charmer in her foster home.  She is wonderful when meeting new people, especially kids.  She is a love bug and readily gives kisses.  She absolutely adores people and happily greets her foster family when they come home.  Dutchess is a true Velcro Dane.  She walks well with a head halter and quickly responds to commands.  Do not let her age fool you as she is very quick to spot and chase squirrels in the yard.  She needs to be comforted with the loud Read More

Duke 2

Cats: Not good with cats Dogs: Good with other dogs Children: 12+ years old Update 1/19/20 – Duke is a big energetic fawn boy who has made so much progress since the day he came into rescue. Everything about him is big. He has a big head, and big voice which he is not afraid to use, and he has a super big heart. Duke is very alert and aware of everyone and everything around him. He is very curious and sometimes unsure, so he needs consistent guidance and reassurance when encountering new things. He is inquisitive and needs a strong leader. Duke does Read More

Little Boy Blue

Cats: Good with cats Dogs: Good with dogs Children: 9+ years old Update 4/28/19 – After two weeks Blue is starting to show us his love of life playful side. Blue likes walks in the park, fetching a ball for a little time then he lets you throw it, and lay down for those belly rubs. There isn’t a dog that he has met that he hasn’t liked. He will be neutered on May 8th, and then will be ready for his forever home. Do you have room for a true dane who would love a home to call his own? Added 4/2019: Little Read More


Cats: Unknown with cats Dogs: Unknown with dogs Children: Unknown with children Jaida is a Rescue In Need and is currently not available for adoption. Update 4/28/19 – Jaida is growing quickly, and is surprising everyone with her recovery. Jaida loves meeting people and other dogs. Her physical therapy is going well and her veterinarians feel that she can, while in the house, go without the Medi Paw brace; however when she is around other dogs she needs it as the reminder that it gives her about where to place her seems to really help. Update 3/23/19 – Jaida is doing very well in her foster Read More


Cats: Good with cats Dogs: Good with other dogs Children: Unknown with children Diamond is current on medical hold and is not currently available for adoption Update 12/16/18 – Unfortunately Diamond is heart worm positive, so she is now on medical hold until she can be treated. Diamond is a 7 1/2 year old mantle female with natural ears. Unfortunately just as Diamond came into rescue, she came into heat, so she will be on hold until she can be spayed. Diamond is just that… a perfect Diamond! She loves having her belly rubbed and her ears scratched. She could snuggle for hours, laying Read More