Duke 2

Cats: Not good with cats
Dogs: Good with other dogs
Children: 12+ years old

Update 1/19/20 - Duke is a big energetic fawn boy who has made so much progress since the day he came into rescue. Everything about him is big. He has a big head, and big voice which he is not afraid to use, and he has a super big heart. Duke is very alert and aware of everyone and everything around him. He is very curious and sometimes unsure, so he needs consistent guidance and reassurance when encountering new things. He is inquisitive and needs a strong leader. Duke does best with a consistent predictable routine and schedule; we feel like he could do well in many situations but a quiet environment with not much going on would be best. He has lived with other dogs and we have successfully introduced him to balanced dogs. Dogs with poor social skills may take a bit longer to introduce. Duke learns quickly and is extremely food motivated so getting him to learn your routine should be fairly simple. One thing that he needs some work with is his barrier frustration as he can be very vocal and exuberant. Duke is very affectionate, especially when he has gotten to know you so he would be a great couch companion when you are home winding down from a long day.

Added 10/2019

Duke is a 3 year old fawn mail with natural ears. Duke is a large and very energetic boy who has a lot to say, and with his booming voice, he shakes the walls! He has lots of energy and needs an outlet to burn off that energy. Duke needs training and a training contract will be required to make sure he gets a good start in his new home. He has lots of excitement when meeting new people as he tends to jump and bounce with excitement. Even though this can appear intimidating, he is not aggressive. He has not met any dogs while in rescue yet as we need to get some of his excitement under control. He did live with a dachshund and a female Dane in his previous home. He cannot be placed with cats. He has lived with kids of all ages, the youngest being 5 years of age. We suggest due to his exuberance no children under the age of 12+. Duke will require an experienced and strong owner to give him guidance and structure. This boy is a real diamond in the ruff. In the right home he will flourish. Do you have that home? Duke came to MAGDRL in October 2019. (2)