Cats: Unknown with cats
Dogs: Unknown with other dogs
Children: Unknown with children

Update 7/20/20 - Dutchess continues to be a charmer in her foster home.  She is wonderful when meeting new people, especially kids.  She is a love bug and readily gives kisses.  She absolutely adores people and happily greets her foster family when they come home.  Dutchess is a true Velcro Dane.  She walks well with a head halter and quickly responds to commands.  Do not let her age fool you as she is very quick to spot and chase squirrels in the yard.  She needs to be comforted with the loud noises of fireworks and thunderstorms.  Dutchess is so awesome.  Do you have room in your life for her?


Update 1/19/20 - Dutchess is a super friendly, senior girl who walks beautifully on leash. She enjoys going for walks and is comfortable in new surroundings as well as meeting new people. She loves treats and has lost some weight as she needed to slim down to a healthier weight. She loves being around people and prefers that over being left alone. With proper introduction, she gets along with other dogs; really enjoys human contact and is quite affectionate. She came to us with Titan and we would be thrilled if they could go as a pair but if that isn’t in the cards, she would do just fine with an attentive family available to give her the love that she craves.

Added 11/2019

Dutchess is an 8 year old female Dane mix who came back to us from sad circumstances. She and her "brother" Titan were adopted through MAGDRL a few years ago and recently returned to MAGDRL because their owners have passed away. She was a bit stressed initially when she came to us but with time to decompress we are seeing the true loving dog that she actually is. Dutchess is the more confident of the two and the more vocal. She sometimes takes a bit longer to warm up to strangers but lately she has done quite nicely. She is a healthy senior that needs to slim down a bit as she is carrying a few extra pounds. She responds well to treats and enjoys human contact. She does fairly well on leash but could always use more practice. She is unknown with cats and we will be introducing her to other dogs soon. Even though she lived with Titan we want to get a fell for how she meets other dogs that are unknown to her. Dutchess, when she is comfortable, is a loving and easy going senior Dane who just needs a family to love her. Dutchess came to MAGDRL in November 2019. (2)