Fletcher – Courtesy Listing

Fletcher is a 4 year old Great Dane/Husky mix. He is a BIG boy. Fletcher is BLIND, but gets along just fine. He requires a little time to find his way around along with some patience and assistance to adjust. He is house trained. He has been at our holding kennel since March. When his family moved and were not able to take him along. He lived with children and other dogs in that home and enjoyed a fence in yard and outdoor time. He doesn’t even mind yard time on cold days. He really enjoys time in the play yard at the kennel too.

*FLETCHER WILL NEED A FOSTER OR FOREVER HOME THAT IS QUIET. In the foster homes, he would get overstimulated quickly. Because of his blindness, he reacts quickly to things he cannot see or understand or has not had time to learn. He can probably adjust to living with another dog, but we feel that a home with no young children would be best for him.

*HE WILL NEED A STRONG PACK LEADER. He was initially fine with the other dogs in the foster homes, but then would get possessive of the human and get growly with the other dogs. At the holding kennel, he and Bailey have become great friends, they enjoy walks side-by-side, and share the yard together. A home would have to be willing and able to work with those issues.

*A HOME WITH A FENCED YARD IS A MUST. This is not a requirement for all our adoptions, but because he enjoys sniffing and exploring off leash so much, Fletcher deserves a fenced yard where he can do that. Fletcher does walk well on leash and enjoys long walks with the volunteers. Awareness of curbs so he doesn’t stumble is needed, a human who can be his seeing eye person. Volunteers have used a bell on their hand with the leash to help him locate them when he wanders and sniffs.

*HIS FOREVER HOME SHOULD ALSO BE WILLING TO “ADOPT” HIS STUFFED BUNNY. Fletcher carries it around like Linus with his security blanket. And looks absolutely adorable doing so!

Fletcher is SPECIAL NEEDS because he is BLIND and a forever home has to be willing to work with that and learn or be experienced with blind dogs. But he is also special because he is such a great dog and will make an awesome companion. (2)

MAGDRL occasionally lists danes that are available for adoption through another rescuer, shelter or individual. These danes have not been evaluated by MAGDRL, and MAGDRL makes no representation about the dane or the rescuer. Adoptions of courtesy listings do not follow MAGDRL’s adoption process, and any proceeds do not normally go to MAGDRL. Adoption fees are at the discretion of the individual or rescuer.