Cats: Good with cats
Dogs: Good with dogs
Children: Good with children

George is a 6 ½ year old neutered fawn male with natural ears who came into rescue due to a divorce. He recently suffered some very traumatic events including a near-death experience shortly there after lost his older female Dane sister with whom he was very attached. Despite all of this, he is adjusting very well in his current foster home where he lives with a 5-year-old spayed female Dane and 5-year-old neutered Pitbull and proving to be a perfect gentleman.

George is affectionate and playful, but also quiet and keeps to himself right now. He travels very well and walks very well on leash. George is housebroken and can be trusted to roam freely while the foster is out.

George is good with children and other dogs. His only exposure to cats that we are aware of was in the home where he stayed a few days prior to coming in to rescue. The two older cats and George just looked at each other and the cats walked away.

George came into MAGDRL in January 2021 (2).