Cats: Unknown with cats
Dogs: Good with other dogs
Children: Unknown with children

Update 11/24/19

Gia is coming out of her shell. She loves the ladies and wants to sit on your lap for attention. Don't let her age fool you, she can keep up with the best of them. However, when she is finished she walks away and awaits to return to her shelter. She has such a calm demeanor. We would love to see her get her forever home.

Update 1/19/20

Gia has made tremendous gains since she has been with us. When she came to us, she had a seizure which we believe was triggered by stress. She would cower in the back of her kennel and would not move forward, regardless of if she were familiar with you or not. She would not eat while you were watching, nor would she take a treat from you and eat it. She would shy away from human contact and took longer to warm up to men. Today, Gia has not had another seizure, comes to the front of her kennel in anticipation of play time. She has a playful bounce in her step and gets along with other dogs. She has been initiating back scratches and rubs consistently. She is eating better, walking beautifully on the leash, enjoys exploring the world around her and has gotten better at meeting new people. She has learned to enjoy getting treats and is now taking them and eating them from your hand. The only thing that is missing is a forever home for her.

Added 10/2019

Gia is a 7 year old black female with natural ears.  She was reported to have seizures which are related to her stress levels. She is a fearful dog and takes her time to get used to new people and new situations. Her anxiety is apparent as she shivers when she is uncomfortable. Gia needs some practice walking on leash but when she is comfortable with the human on the other end of the leash she seems to do better. The longer that she has been with us, the more we are seeing her relax. She has met a dog or two and as long as they are respecting her space she is fine with them. She takes her time meeting new people and becoming comfortable with them. She is crate trained. Gia will need a super patience and experienced human to give her the home when she can thrive without fear. Is your home that home? Gia came to MAGDRL in October 2019. (2)