Cats: Unknown with cats
Dogs: Female dogs
Children: Good with children 9+

Update 11/20 - Sarge is a year and half old male Great Dane. He is about 33 inches at the shoulder and came to MAGDRL a bit under his ideal weight. He lived with another male Great Dane and a 4 month old female pit bull pup. He and the other unaltered male were having disagreements from time to time so it would be best that he is placed with a laid-back female which we would routinely recommend anyway. He has not had any direct interaction with cats so he would be an unknown with them. He has lived with children between the ages of 9 and 18 and maybe a few days with a newborn. He has met women, men, and children with no issues. He did need some work on his manners as he tends to jump up when he gets excited, but his foster home is doing great work with him concerning this. He has had run of the house in the past, but he is being create trained at the present and he is taking to it well.

Sarge walks pretty well on the leash, but he does have some what of a prey drive so the foster is working on this as well. He is very food motivated which helps to redirect his focus. He is very active and loves to play and learn new things. Sarge is getting along well with his foster brother who is a senior and not quite as playful as he is. He is quite athletic and has jumped over fences in the past to go exploring so he will need a minimum of a 5 ft fence to be places.

Sarge has been given more structure that he had before he came to us and he is doing quite well with it so we would love for him to have an experienced leader to be able to give him the structure that he needs to be the best that he can be. Again, he is extremely food motivated so that will be very helpful to correct this behavior. Sarge is a super nice boy with a ton of potential to be a shining start in the lives of the perfect family.

Sarge came to MAGDRL in December 2020 (2)