Cats: Good with cats
Dogs: Not good with other dogs
Children: Unknown with children

Sophie is an appriximately 4 year old female fawn with natural ears who is an absolute sweetheart. She came into rescue due to not getting along with the dog she lived with. Although we feel she was not the aggressor in the situation, she would do best as an only dog. Sophie can be around other dogs but she should not live with other dogs. She is a very velcro dog and wants all the attention to herself! She loves lounging around the house with her family and is very willing to please. She is being worked with to walk on a leash nicely, she will walk nicely on a leash after a short while she just tends to be very excited to go on a walk or ride in the car so she pulls. She is extremely food motivated and will do just about anything to get a treat or get a bite of food. Her foster home is currently trying to work on having her lose a few pounds as she is slightly overweight. Sophie is not very excited about toys but she likes to play, and enjoys playing in a yard and going on walks. She is currently being housed in her foster home with a cat and does very well with the cat. The cat chases her around the house a lot of times and she just runs from him. She absolutely can not be crated for any reason, or kenneled when the family goes away as she has a severe anxiety due to her past. She would do best in a home with someone that either does not go away on vacation or if they do have someone that can come and house-sit for them. She does very well being left alone and not getting into anything besides the garbage. She loves to root through the garbage and see if there's anything in there for her! She does great with strangers as well, though she barks and seems scary when they come over. She's just making sure that they are safe! As long as the guests just ignore her and give her time to sniff them, she is great! Anyone would be lucky to have a great girl like Sophie! Sophie came to MAGDRL in January 2017. (2)

Update 6/30/17 - Sophie is patiently waiting for her forever home. This loveable girl absolutely loves her foster family, however she is in dire need of a stable household to call her own. She is great with cats and other small animals. She does prefer being an only dog. She loves to spend time lounging on the couch and just being around her family. She does not like water, she typically will try to avoid it at all costs. Sophie loves to explore the great outdoors. Her favorite activity is riding in the car and of course eating. Her foster family has been working with her meeting strangers and she has been doing very well. She barks to let everyone know that they people are there and then she quickly warms up to everyone she meets. This sweet girl is slowly learning to trust her family and realize not everyone is bad. Although she may not be a purebred great Dane, you will never meet a sweeter more loveable dog! She loves to snuggle up to you and even hugs you with her leg when she misses you. Won't you open your home and hearts for beautiful Sophie?

Update 9/18/17 - Sophie is doing wonderful in her foster home. She has settled in nicely and has now been in her foster home for 5 months. All her little quirks have slowly been showing, and there is nothing bad about this loveable girl. Although Sophie would do best as the only dog, she is very open to having visitors. She isn’t fond of dogs jumping at her, or on her, so she may let out a growl. But as long as her humans respond and make sure she has her space she settles right back down. She would do best in a home with no other dogs, but would benefit from doggy friend visitors. That could be going to play with the neighbors dog, or something along those lines. But, at the end of the day she likes to have her humans to herself. Her ideal play mate would be a laid back, older dog because a younger more hyper friend is a little too much for her.