Titan – Adoption Pending

Cats: Unknown with cats
Dogs: Unknown with other dogs
Children: Unknown with children

Update 1/19/20 - Titan has bonded and meets people well. He loves getting back rubs and scratches and is super food motivated so getting his attention can be very easy. He could stand to put on a few pounds. He has improved walking on the leash and enjoys exploring new places. It seems that he hasn’t been exposed to a lot so many ordinary things to us may be new to him. A quieter home with not much going on may be more comfortable for him to get adjusted. He gets along with other dogs as he came to use with Dutchess which we would love to place with him, but it is not a deal breaker if that is not possible. Titan gets on with other dogs, but they need to be introduced to him slowly because in your face exuberant meetings tend to make him nervous. He is your typical Velcro dog who wants to be by your side when he bonds with you. He doesn’t shy away from connecting with humans and would be a great addition to the right home.

Added 2019: Titan is a 2 year old male Dane who came back to MAGDRL from a sad circumstance. He and his "sister" Dutchess were adopted through MAGDRL and were recently returned to MAGDRL because their owner passed away. He was a bit stressed initially when he came to MAGDRL however with time to decompress we are seeing the nice dog that he actually is. Titan is friendly however a little unsure and is sure to become a Velcro Dane to the lucky new owner. He would do fine placed as an only dog but seems to get confidence from another dog. He is a stunning harlequin with one brown and one blue eye. He needs to put on a few pounds as he is a bit under weight. Titan needs more practice walking on leash however he gets better the more he walks. He is very curious and alert to his surroundings and can startle with sudden movements but does not seem to be bothered by normal environment sounds like cars and lawnmowers. He is food motivated which will make training easier. He lived with another dog and does not react to other dogs around him as he seems to want to avoid any conflict. We will introduce him soon to other dogs as well. We do not know if he gets along with cats at this point. He loves being rubbed and petted and seeks human contact often. Titan will be a wonderful addition to a family that has time to dedicate to spending time with him. (2)