We have a great group of people helping MAGDRL out locally–please come join us!

We live in near and far suburbs of Philadelphia, in the city itself, out by Harrisburg, over by Lancaster, and in the Small Wonder State: Delaware!



The volunteers in our area do it all:

  • perform home checks
  • perform vet references
  • perform initial screening of applicants
  • Field behavioral and training questions
  • Educate the public about dogs and Danes
  •  Participate in Meet & Greets at local events
  • Place ads in newspapers
  • Evaluate Danes for temperament, health, etc.
  • Transport Danes
  • Mail applications & other info
  • Foster Danes that come into rescue

How to become a MAGDRL Volunteer

1. Click here to fill out the full application with your signature on file

2. Send the completed volunteer application to your coordinator. Find your coodinator here

3. We ask that all of our volunteers join our group and support us by becoming and maintaining a yearly membership. click here

4. Attend as many events in your area as possible. Get to know the active volunteers and go with them when they go on home visits, evaluations and other rescue activities. See events here

5. Join our email community. This is where people will post for help, about different events, or just want to chat about their awesome Danes. Join the PAMAGDRL list

6. Join our Rescue and “Like” us on Facebook:

Volunteers Needed

Provide a safe, loving home for the dog to heal from past traumas, gets needed veterinary attention and good food. Many of these dogs will need intense one on one to overcome past traumas. Each dog is different and will need different care and training.

Pick up the dog and transport it to the foster home. We cover all of Minnesota, Western Wisconsin, Northern Iowa and the eastern Dakotas. Matt Boundinot is transportation coordinator and will contact transport people when they are needed. A Dane Train will be set up so many people may be needed for a transport so no one will have to be on the road for hours on end.

A home visit is done on each applicant before a Dane is placed with them. This entails visiting with the applicant at their home, observing the environment, both physical and emotional, and determining if this is a suitable home for the Dane. Different Danes will have different needs in what constitutes a proper home for them.

Help is always needed to obtain donations to keep the rescue running. These can be in the form of cash, crates, blankets, veterinary supplies, Veterinary care and more.
Click to donate online

We have created special partnerships with different online stores, who donate a percentage of your purchases back to our rescue. Visit our store page to follow the link to their sites, and make your purchases.
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Rescue organizations are always in need of blankets, comforters, crates, exercise pens, toys, food and more. More than anything, rescues are in need of foster homes and people to adopt rescue dogs. Please help in any way you can.
Ways you can help MAGDRL