Cats: Not good with cats
Dogs: possibly Good with large dogs
Children: 12+ years old

Koda is a sweet and friendly 3-year-old blue, spayed female Dane. She does great with people of all ages!  Even though she would get along with small children, it may be a good idea to place her with older children as she can be very exuberant.  Even though it is believed that she lived with other dogs in her previous home, she can be selective with other dogs depending on the energy that they bring.  She has had leash introductions that have gone well.

She has had a few surgeries to correct a condition called “cherry eye” Her vison has improved as a result as she continues to heal.  She needs more practice on leash as she has had limited experience.  She cannot be placed with cats as she potentially has had issues with them in the past and seems to have a little too much interest when she sees one.

Koda is super sweet and really enjoys human attention, pets and back scratches.


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