Maggie Mae

Cats: Unknown
Dogs: Good with dogs
Children: Good with children 12+

Maggie came to MAGDRL in January 2022 (2)

Maggie May is a 7.5YO harlequin female whose world was recently turned upside down when her Mom passed away, her Dad couldn’t care for her due to health reasons, one of her canine siblings was re-homed, and she moved from the only home she’s ever known to a foster home where she is currently an only dog.

Maggie is somewhat aloof and slow to warm up to people, but once she knows and trusts you, you become the center of her universe.  She has lived with both spayed and unspayed female dogs but has not lived with cats or small children.  She did chase the neighbor’s cats and may have high small prey drive, so she’d probably do best in a home without cats or other small animals.  Maggie would be fine with older children.

Maggie has an auto-immune disorder for which she takes a daily dose of steroids, but it doesn’t seem to bother her in any other way.  She likes to go for walks and is great on leash, but doesn’t travel well yet as her only car rides have been to the vet in the past.

Maggie’s favorite past times are to be with her person, eat boiled chicken breast, take naps, and go for walks.

Updated June 2022

Maggie May continues to do very well in her foster home.  She has settled into her new routine and is content just to be wherever her foster is.

Maggie is still not a cuddlier, but will sit on her foster’s lap for scratches when the mood strikes her.  She loves to spend time watching what’s happening out the front window or out in the backyard where she flops and rolls around in the grass on her back, chases a squirrel or two, or gets an occasional case of the zoomies.

Maggie enjoys her walks around the neighborhood.  She is not reactive to other dogs and has met a few up close and did very well with them.  She hasn’t gone for a car ride yet, but her foster plans to take her out for her first “pup cup” soon so stay tuned!

Updated: October 12, 2022

Maggie is now an 8 yo and continues to thrive in her foster home.  She loves to sit on her foster's lap for pets and to be hugged first thing in the morning.  She will occasionally dispense her clumsy version of a kiss as well.

Maggie continues to meet new people and while she is still slow to warm up (especially to men), she is doing much better.  She recently spent a week with a young male in-home pet sitter and a 7 YO NM Pitbull while the foster was away.  Although she didn't play or interact directly with the Pit during his stay, his company did seem to bring her comfort and confidence.  She even warmed up to the pet sitter by the end of the week!

Maggie likes to chase squirrels and the occasional feral cat up the trees, but not in an aggressive manner.  One of her favorite things is getting her treat every time she comes back in from doing her business.  You have to watch her though, to make sure as she will try to fake it just to get the treat.

Maggie's favorite thing is still just to be with her person.  If you are looking for an easy-going senior companion, then Maggie may be the Dane for you.