This beautiful blue senior is 8.5 years old with some pep in her step!  She is good with other dogs, cats and children.  She is just happy to be around her humans and fur friends alike and loves children.  She would do better in a home where someone was home more than not.  She is an older lady so does require a potty break midday so as not to have an accident.  She is very sweet and will lean in for pets, butt scratches and hugs from anyone who is willing.  She will alert you to visitors if you do not hear the knock at the door but once she knows you know they are there she has done her job.  Soffee really is a wonderful, sweet girl who would love a comfy bed to curl up on, a family to call her own and someone to wonder the neighborhood with.  There is always something special about a senior Dane and this girl is no exception to that rule. Soffee came to MAGDRL in August 2016. (2)


Thor is a 3 year old blue male with natural ears. He is good with dogs, cats and children, although children over 8 would be best as he is a little unsure of what to do with the really little ones! He does not travel long distance well which is why he was surrendered, as he was from a military family that needed to travel. He has lived with another dog in the past and is social with other dogs at the beach so would be a good dog park dog. He can be a little slow to warm up to people due to lack of confidence ,so another well adjusted dog in the home may help with that. He just needs slow intros and allowed time to approached on his terms, not forced. He really is a sweet boy that needs some confidence and a family that will help him grow into the confident boy we believe he can be. He loves his toys, his comfy bed and will wrestle with the best of them! Thor came to MAGDRL in April 2016. (2)